Women of #nzpol Twitter roundup: International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International [Working] Women’s Day, and NZ Twitter celebrated it in appropriate fashion by multi-tasking the shit out of it.

We talked aaaaaaaaaaall the issues:


We gave helpful advice:

We listened to badass music:

And here’s a shameless plug for my own Women in Metal playlist:

We wrote smart stuff:


Our GIF game was thoroughly on point:

We bowed down to Kim Kardashian’s world-beating skill at exposing douchebag men and their faux-feminist misogyny with one selfie:

We posted pics:

We tried to bend light in different ways to end sexism:


We got all Parliamentary:

And some of us took one for the team by listening to Radio NZ’s unfortunately all-male Panel discuss the issues of the day:

And now, back to the other 365 days of the year where it’s all about the dudes.

Women of #nzpol: still fighting rape culture in 2016

The women-of-#nzpol roundup is brought to you in the interests of amplifying women’s voices in the political debate and also because:

incredibles misandry

Well, 2016 is definitely not going to be the year we stop blaming young women for being sexually assaulted. The Herald kicked things off with this column – and yes, it’s by a woman, which doesn’t make it any less sexist – which says in part:

I have a huge concern for the way in which young women behave in relationship to alcohol. While I am one of the first to stand up and say that women have the right to be safe (and have in fact spent many years working in that area), with rights come responsibilities.

simpsons marge grinding teeth

The women of NZ Twitter were less that impressed.




(Click through for the whole series of tweets from @pikelet)

And a response from the amazing Emily:


Because this is one of those issues which so readily gets dismissed as “oversensitive women who can’t handle criticism”, a few words from the Men’s Auxiliary.


Women of #nzpol: on the #nzflag challenger

The women-of-#nzpol Twitter roundup is brought to you in the interests of amplifying women’s voices in the political debate and also because:

addams family misandry

Well, that was disappointing. Not surprising, just … disappointing.

First, the facts, because the journalistas of Twitter are quick off the mark:

And then, the reaction.

I think that’s a “no” from the admittedly selective group of women on my #nzpol list, then.

Women of #nzpol Twitter: marching for climate justice

The “Women of #nzpol Twitter roundup” is brought to you in the interests of amplifying women’s voices in the political debate and also because:

marilyn misandry

Yesterday up and down the country people took to the streets to demand real action on climate change. Here’s how it looked from the phones of the women of NZ Twitter!





Even Hastings!


Women of #nzpol Twitter: on John Key, David Carter and using rape for political gain

The “Women of #nzpol Twitter roundup” is brought to you in the interests of amplifying women’s voices in the political debate and also because:

misandry coffee

If you’re even peripherally aware of what goes on in NZ politics you will have heard about what went down in Question Time yesterday. Harried and useless on the issue of New Zealanders being detained on Christmas Island by the Australian government, our honourable Prime Minister decided to scream across the House that Labour was “supporting rapists”.

And then David Carter cemented his position as Literally The Worst Speaker Of The House Ever, Possibly In Any Country In History by neither finding this comment unparliamentary, nor facing the music of a no-confidence vote.

Many props to the Opposition MPs who walked out on that charade. Here’s what the women of #nzpol Twitter had to say.



They did.

Then they came back to hold David Carter to account.

The reaction was not good.


Metiria Turei asked if John Key is losing it.

And there are a lot of issues to think about.

Deborah Russell has a great post up about the situation of the people in the detention centre.

Commenter weka at The Standard provides an interesting list of the government’s record on sexual harassment and assault.

Ultimately, I’m glad some people took a clear stand against the many levels of bullshit going on in this story.

Kelvin Davis spoke passionately about the situation on Christmas Island – which he’s seen first hand – at the Labour Party conference. We have to be clear: these are people who have already served their time for the crimes they’ve committed. Many of them have no family or community ties in New Zealand, having left when they were kids. They’re being subjected to utterly inhumane treatment on a rock in the middle of the ocean under a law designed for getting rid of terrorists.

But instead of doing something decisive about the problem, John Key has settled for slinging shit at the Opposition who are literally doing their jobs by holding him to account. And David Carter is letting him use the highest body in our democracy to do it.