Women of #nzpol Twitter roundup: International Women’s Day

Yesterday was International [Working] Women’s Day, and NZ Twitter celebrated it in appropriate fashion by multi-tasking the shit out of it.

We talked aaaaaaaaaaall the issues:


We gave helpful advice:

We listened to badass music:

And here’s a shameless plug for my own Women in Metal playlist:

We wrote smart stuff:


Our GIF game was thoroughly on point:

We bowed down to Kim Kardashian’s world-beating skill at exposing douchebag men and their faux-feminist misogyny with one selfie:

We posted pics:

We tried to bend light in different ways to end sexism:


We got all Parliamentary:

And some of us took one for the team by listening to Radio NZ’s unfortunately all-male Panel discuss the issues of the day:

And now, back to the other 365 days of the year where it’s all about the dudes.

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