Lifehack: read more Pratchett

Given the name and origins of this blog I was honour-bound to link to this io9 article about 10 Discworld quotes you’ll desperately need for the next four years:

There is almost no subject that Terry Pratchett hasn’t explained better, funnier, and more times than just about anyone else on the planet. Reading his Discworld novels is reading a master at work, and it seems like he gets more relevant the more time passes.

I’ve just started a too-long-put-off reread of Monstrous Regiment and right from the get-go the wisdom and vital social commentary are dropping:

There was always a war. Usually it was a border dispute, the national equivalent of complaining that the neighbour was letting his hedge grow too long. Sometimes it was bigger. Borogravia was a peace-loving country in the midst of treacherous, devious, warlike enemies. They had to be treacherous, devious and warlike, otherwise we wouldn’t be fighting them, eh?

So this is part of my self-care for the election year ahead: read more Pratchett. It’s damn good for the soul.

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