Why #Ponytailgate is serious business

As broken by The Daily Blog today and corroborated by the Prime Minister’s office:

The Prime Minister has apologised to a waitress who accused him of repeatedly pulling her hair at an Auckland cafe.

The waitress made the claims  in an anonymous blog post. She is said to be by a waitress at a cafe frequented by John Key and his wife Bronagh near their Parnell mansion.

My thoughts, as I dashed them off to Twitter earlier:

(I was corrected: the manager is a woman.)

Sadly, I expect this will be like so many stories of its kind: a one- or two-day wonder in the media, breathless headlines about “what the waitress said about the PM”, and then we’ll all move on.

Some related reading on the general principles:

10 Replies to “Why #Ponytailgate is serious business”

  1. I reckon the PM is a sleazy creep. And I would ask anyone with young girls who have long hair to keep them well away from him. And other young women with long hair – stay back.
    This guy has a hair fetish, and goodness knows where it will take him in the future …….

    1. “Sleazy creep” I absolutely agree with, but not “hair fetish”. We don’t need to make assumptions about fetishists, or give armchair-diagnoses for Key’s behaviour. It’s inappropriate and gross and he’s a grown man who can be expected to keep his hands to himself.

    1. Of course not. Because any unwanted touching of another person is wrong. And I’m not a fan of this “lol let’s joke about sexually harassing John Key!” trope that’s emerged.

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