The Big Lie in action

This morning Rob Salmond did a great post about the “big lie” – the spin coming from the Right that Labour hasn’t concentrated on policy, just dirty politics.

Like clockwork, David Farrar has a post up about the latest polls, suggesting

One has Labour at 24.3% and the other at 23.8%. Their focus on hacked e-mails instead of policy  is backfiring.

Maybe he’s just picking up on the zeitgeist. After all, it would be a scary world to live in if we thought the bloggers and “unions” of the right were engaged in a deliberate strategy of spin and disinformation on behalf of Cabinet Ministers and corporations. Possibly even a story which the media might want to cover. Hypothetically.

The thing is, David Farrar isn’t a stupid man. He’s not out-of-touch with political goings-on. He doesn’t rely on the front page of Stuff to inform him about the election.

He has to know (or he can easily find out) that since Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics was released on 13 August, gaining huge media coverage on its own merits (turns out we do live in a scary world), the Labour Party has released:

  • 31 media releases on new policy
  • 28 releases on other political issues (the skills shortage, massive power company profits, debunking National’s HomeStart spin)
  • 13 releases on Dirty Politics, mostly to do with Judith Collins’ possibly-corrupt behaviour and the allegations specifically around Phil Goff at the SIS OIA request which was supplied to Cameron Slater in a rather timely manner.

He has to have seen the opening addresses of the campaign, where Labour talked about policy and National talked about not changing horses mid-stream.

He has to have seen the huge number of detailed, fully-costed policies Labour has released.

So he knows better than he’s pretending. And it’s disappointing to see the same calculated disinformation getting pushed in the hopes of distracting people from the obvious vacuum in National’s manifesto.

(Note: I am aware DPF’s post went up before Rob’s, but as both of them regularly schedule blog posts the night before they go up, it’s still a good call on Rob’s part.)

One Reply to “The Big Lie in action”

  1. A common thread running through much of Farrar’s commentary on matters left-wing has been his incredible intellectual dishonesty. He’ll drop in a quote, make a misleading remark that he must know is such, then leave the sewer to bubble itself into a frenzy.
    (although, his Twitter responses during the uproar surrounding Cunliffe’s “man apology” suggested to me that, even given the benefit of the doubt, he may just be stupid)

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