The Press Debate – tonight, livestreamed on Stuff

The second big head-to-head between David Cunliffe and John Key will be livestreamed on Stuff from 7pm!

The Press leaders’ debate is where Key pulled his “show me the money” quote in 2011. And he’s going to be taking this far more seriously than the last debate where he tried to play it casual and snarky and got hammered, even with Hosking trying to help him out and asking hard-hitting questions about perfect date nights.

Since then he’s lost a Cabinet Minister, the Dirty Politics saga has stayed high in the news, and his campaign has just been negative, negative, negative. His office are going to be pulling out all the stops to bring the political narrative back under control.

Cunliffe still has a lot to prove here – you could even argue the pressure’s going to be worse after he’s proved he can take the fight to Key. But he’s got strong positive policies to talk about and a real plan to make New Zealand a better place, and I reckon he can do it.

I plan to livetweet it on the #KeyvCunliffe hashtag – are you tuning in?

What do you reckon?

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