Boots Theory’s top 5 posts for December

It’s always a quiet month with the Christmas break and all, but you know us Gen Ys, attached to the internet at the hip. No surprises, December was pretty round-up/stocktake-of-the-year in focus.

NZ’s top quotes of 2015

It just seems a bit far-fetched that in 2015, there wasn’t a single good, inspirational, eloquent, zeitgeisty quote from a woman in New Zealand considered worthy of sitting alongside a reality TV star talking about someone else’s fart or Mike Hutcheson’s hilarious originality in comparing a selection of terrible flag designs to people with dwarfism.

My top 5 politicians of the year

Picked entirely on the basis of merit. Honest.

The flag and democracy

If we change flags now, we probably won’t have another chance in my lifetime. If we keep the current flag, for now, there’s an opportunity for a different government to run a proper discussion about our identity as a nation – not one orchestrated by a Prime Minister desperate for ~a legacy~ in cahoots with a panel stacked with stuffy old white men, ~business gurus~ and reality TV producers.

Cranium’s Christmas sign: why is mainstream Kiwi culture so unfunny?

I just don’t get it. What do people like Phillip Garratt think they’ll achieve by pretending that they weren’t making the only joke they could possibly have been making? The same kind of joke (obnoxious, unoriginal) people have been making since the moment they heard the name “Caitlyn Jenner”?

Women of #nzpol: on the #nzflag challenger

That blue Lockwood. Sigh.

I think that’s a “no” from the admittedly selective group of women on my #nzpol list, then.

What do you reckon?

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