10 things to spend your money on instead of INCITE

Cameron Slater has a premium monthly newsletter out. Apparently it’s … not good.

So why pay $35 a month for a collection of hackneyed rightwing thinkpieces? You could spend about that much – or less! on something like:

A Christmas piglet – $40

Oxfam will provide a family in Papua New Guinea with a piglet to raise for breeding and sale, providing their community with a good income.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Steam – $23.99

After 224 hours of gameplay I’m still going back for more. For less than an additional month’s subscription to INCITE – you could get the Legendary Edition for $47.99. Or if postapocalyptic black humour is more your thing, the Fallout 3: Game of the Year edition is only $23.99 itself.

Six lunches for Kiwi kids in need – $30

Through Eat My Lunch’s “Give Two” programme.

This adorable sulky Harley Quinn plush – $19.99 plus shipping

Look at her little pouty face!

One social work or support session for a client at Wellington Rape Crisis – $25

Every bit makes a huge difference to survivors of sexual violence.

One kilogram of green apple flavoured jelly beans – $29.95 plus shipping


A Trade Aid monkey toy box – $34.99


This really pretty tui-patterned wallet – $35 plus shipping

From The Sewphist.

A Christchurch roadcone t-shirt – $40 plus shipping

Fair trade, organic cotton, etc.

A wooden toy coffee maker – $36 plus shipping

Brand recommended by Emily and the amazing Eddie – perfect for the budding Wellington Twitterati in your family.

Disclaimer: some of these items are produced by buddies of mine; I am involved in some of these organisations. Your money, do what you like with it – even if that means subscribing to INCITE.

What do you reckon?

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