Boots Theory’s top 5 posts for October

It was a pretty big month here at Boots Theory, not that I use my blog stats to boost my self-esteem!

nicholas cage i do
So here’s the top five posts that really tickled your collective fancies.

Tony Veitch is a danger to women

This cannot surprise us. This is how our society treats violent men who have the privilege of whiteness and an association with the cult of sport.

We totally meant to do that: the Whale Oil story

It’s a classic case of someone saying whatever they need to in the moment to “refute” the arguments against them. It’s “I totally meant to do that” writ large.

Peter Talley on health and safety law: unions are evil, workers’ lives cheap

Actually a post from June which must have done the rounds on Facebook again.

It’s almost like workers have historically been forced to organise to make sure they don’t die on the job. God, what a sense of entitlement these peasants have!

Women of #nzpol roundup: THAT Tony Veitch post

There’s plenty of mainstream space for people like Tony Veitch to make excuses. There’s almost none for recognising exactly what personal impact this has on women.

Anne Tolley says another unbelievably gross thing

Anne Tolley is a revelation of the real attitudes of this government. Literally everyone – even people with serious cancer who actually have jobs to return to when they’re able – is assumed to be a parasite on the system.

Roll on November!

What do you reckon?

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