QOTD: Aunty Helen on women, leadership and NZ

Great interview of our former Prime Minister in the Sunday Star-Times yesterday, including these gems on the campaign to elect a woman Secretary-General of the UN:

“I’m of the view that all the great citadels of power should be aiming to have women as leaders on a reasonably regular basis,”

And the distance yet to go for women’s equality in NZ:

“When I was Prime Minister, we had a lot of women at the top of things and I always had a slight concern that there might be a relatively small group of over-achieving baby boomers that made it look like we were doing really well as a nation on these things, and then when the over achieving baby boomers move on to other things, was there a critical mass behind? The answer is not yet – but it will come.”

“There are still structural issues. Women are still more likely to have the care of small children, of the elderly, frail and otherwise indisposed relatives, and there’s more call on them for family duties than men and that impacts on career structure.

we are not worthy

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