Campbell Live on the Christchurch quake recovery

Continuing my commemoration of Campbell Live’s commitment to serious investigative reporting of New Zealand current affairs, instead of watching goddamned Road Cops. Tonight: here’s to John and his team’s unwavering dedication to the people of Christchurch.

From 2012:

Christchurch caravan – a year on

A year ago we introduced our caravan of complaint to Christchurch.

It was an opportunity for people to talk freely about their struggles dealing with the aftermath of the quakes.

Hundreds turned up, almost all speaking with a passion rarely seen on TV, and a lot of them talking about EQC.

But a year on, how are they doing?

From just over a week ago:

Two years on in Christchurch: Are things resolved?

Two years ago this week, Campbell Live held a caravan in Christchurch – it was our way of simply letting people tell their own stories.

We saw people at the end of their tether, people who’d hit the wall and had had enough and people breaking down.

Two years on, how are those fellow New Zealanders now?

Campbell Live reporter Jendy Harper picked six of them and went back to find out.

Check out the full reports on the TV3 website, while we still can.

What do you reckon?

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