Campbell Live on poverty and school lunches

We said farewell to Campbell Live last week, and from tonight TV3 is delighting our screens with Road Cops in its place, presumably until their shiny new co-hosted totally-what-the-audience-wants current affairs show is ready to launch.

While Road Cops may involve some really gripping, in-depth reportage, I thought I’d head over to TV3’s website, where – for the time being, at least – you can still watch John and the team doing what they did best.

Here’s to you, Campbell Live, and here’s to your heartbreaking story about poverty and kids’ school lunchboxes.

Lunchbox differences in decile 1 and decile 10 schools

Childhood poverty increases the risk of poor health, poor educational achievement, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, criminality and so on.

Addressing it would not only enrich the lives of the children concerned, it would reduce the money we’re spending responding to those issues.

To illustrate the impact of child poverty, we’ve conducted a simple experiment.

Without any advance notice, we asked kids in a decile 10 school, and a decile one school, to show us what they’re having for lunch.

See the full video here.

What do you reckon?

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