Adrienne Truscott & Jim Jefferies & rape

I went to see the fantastic Adrienne Truscott’s Asking For It: A One-Lady Rape about Comedy last night. It’s incredibly funny, but also incredibly confronting on the subject of how our society treats rape (basically, there aren’t enough trigger warnings.)

She also has a very fair go at a number of male comedians who tell rape jokes, including Jim Jefferies, an Aussie who has this one, brilliant routine on the American gun control debate. (Content note: discusses gun violence, assault, suicide, NSFW language)

Unfortunately I saw this and thought “damn, this guy’s funny and insightful” and it took about half a minute into another of his routines to realise that the bulk of his comedy is boring old internet-atheist “people who believe in God are stupid, rape joke, fat people eat doughtnuts, rape joke” flavour comedy.

It’s a pity. Because the way he delivers the line “it’s an a-mend-ment” is gold.

Anyway, if you can get to Truscott’s show and are in a good mental space for some full-on shock-value feminist truth, I highly recommend it. It’s on until 9 May at Fringe Bar in Wellington – full details here.

It’s also the Wellington Rape Crisis annual appeal today – please give generously to keep their services running.

One Reply to “Adrienne Truscott & Jim Jefferies & rape”

  1. I’d recommend it as well. I saw it in Auckland a week or so ago. Lyn dragged me along.

    Hopefully she is no longer referring to Tony Abbott as our prime minister. And I’d suggest sitting well to the back of the theater unless you want to get involved in the drama.

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