QOTD: Jackie Blue on feminism

From an entirely excellent open letter to renowned progressive thinker Paul Henry:

Feminism is a belief that gender should not limit anyone’s chances at life and quite frankly people are deluded if they believe women currently get the same opportunities as men to make it in business, politics and the like.

Only yesterday lawyer and international public servant Vicky Robertson was announced as the Ministry for the Environment’s new chief executive, however the headline just described her as a “Former Hockey Player”. I can’t help but wonder if this headline would have been the same if she were a man.

Jackie Blue’s appointment to the Human Rights Commission in 2013 raised some eyebrows at the time – and fair enough, when a Cabinet Minister with a reputation for making self-serving appointments just happens to name a fellow National MP to a key role in a non-government organisation. But she’s more than proved herself in the role, with no-nonsense statements on the abysmal Roger Sutton sexual harassment case, the Roastbusters investigation, and now on Paul Henry’s sneery mansplaining.

What do you reckon?

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