Best or worst party political broadcast of all time?

I was almost crying watching this offering from the UK Green Party, and I honestly can’t tell you if it was from joy, laughter, shock or horror.


The BBC’s poll-of-polls tracker has the UK Greens at 5%, which would be great for them if they had our MMP system. They current have one seat in each of the House of Commons and House of Lords.

The Guardian has been a little scathing of the spot, particularly the fairly dated style of boy-band they’re parodying, but I don’t know. If the Greens are aiming for the early-30s liberal internet set – of which I am a proud member – they may not go too far wrong hitting us with a combination of teen nostalgia, mocking the things we used to love, and sneering at the old white dudes who tell us what to do.

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