Hager’s revelations have the authoritarians worried

The Sunday Star-Times is reporting interesting things coming out tomorrow:

You can always spot the stories which have the supporters-of-the-status-quo worried:



I hate to break it to Matthew Hooton, but in a world where Cameron Slater argues for the right to be called a journalist, you’re not going to get far saying that Nicky Hager isn’t one.

Of course, Hooton has a longstanding beef with Hager:


Ladies and gentlemen, one of the foremost rightwing commentators of our nation.

2 Replies to “Hager’s revelations have the authoritarians worried”

  1. Is Hooten Mad? I’d suggest he’s certainly not rational. One does wonder at the emotive language a lot on the Right use.

    1. I’d prefer not to say “mad” because that reinforces the idea that irrational or extreme behaviour is linked to mental illness. We don’t need to diagnose people with psychological issues to note that their statements are bizarre.

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