Get clean politics into the Herald

Action Station is a digital community of NZ progressives which stands for a fair society, a thriving environment and transparent accountable politics. So it’s no surprise that their members want to clean up politics.

They’re currently running a campaign to get a full-page ad in the NZ Herald next week – an open letter to all political parties telling them we expect better of them.

They need our signatures and our support.

Currently they have 1,792 signatures – they’re aiming for 2,000. You can put your name to the letter here.

And they need $8,000 to buy a full page ad. They have $6,400 pledged so far – more than enough for a half-page, but you know how much more impact a full-page ad will have! Please chip in a little here – they have PayPal, credit card and bank account details.

We only have a few days until the election. We need to send a strong signal to all our politicians that the kind of muckraking and deception that’s been revealed in Dirty Politics isn’t how we want our country to be run. So sign up, chip in, and spread the message far and wide!

What do you reckon?

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