Midweek lunch break

Sit back and relax to these soothing, beautiful Wrestlemania 31 gifs.

wrestlemania lana

Best. Entrance. Ever.

wrestlemania dean

Dean. Fucking. Ambrose.

wrestlemania ronda

Ronda. Fucking. Rousey.

wrestlemania barrett

Super. Ladder. Plex.

wrestlemania rko

RKO. Outta. Nowhere.


I’ll be hiding from social media for the rest of the day in order to avoid Wrestlemania spoilers.

… and yes, I know wrestling is fake.

We wrestling fans get a lot of stick; I was interrogated by a workmate last week on why I didn’t watch UFC instead, if I really liked fighting that much. The thing is, it’s all about the theatre, for me. It’s a soap opera only the entire cast are their own stunt doubles, and there’s more fights and ripped, shirtless men.

If you don’t get it and you have 24 minutes spare, I highly recommend this mockumentary on the career of the WWE’s greatest, undisputed Motörhead fans, Triple H. It says it far better than I’ve ever managed: wrestling isn’t wrestling.


And here’s a laugh for the smarks in the audience:


So this evening it’ll be pizza, beer, whining “but I’ve got a sledgehammer!” every time Trips is on screen and shouting “DEAN F*CKING AMBROSE” a lot.

My money’s on Lesnar/the Bellas/Cena/Orton/Undertaker, and for the Intercontinental Ladder Match to be the highlight of the show.

Till later!