What else is there to say?

More at The Guardian.

But another note so it’s not lost in the mists of Twitter: people are asking, why has this happened? Is it simply about racism or xenophobia?

A coworker theorized that the reasons aren’t necessarily racist – unemployment etc – but manifested that way because of UKIP/the media/etc. So the root cause is capitalism/neoliberalism, the social problems are genuine, but the EU/immigration is the scapegoat.

Let’s not deride all the Britons who voted for Leave as small-minded racists. Many are good working-class folk who know damn well that something is wrong in their country – with jobs, with wages, with housing, with healthcare – and the far-right have given them someone to blame. Because the progressive/left weren’t providing better answers. And this is going to happen again and again until we do.