Quote of the day: Bernie Sanders and a theory of change

From Jedediah Purdy’s response to a critique of Sanders at Huffington Post:

Krugman’s mistake is very basic. He’s wrong about the Sanders campaign’s theory of change. It isn’t that a high-minded leader can draw out our best selves and translate those into more humane and egalitarian lawmaking. It is that a campaign for a more equal and secure economy and a stronger democracy can build power, in networks of activists and alliances across constituencies. The movement that the campaign helps to create can develop and give voice to a program that the same people will keep working for, in and out of election cycles. In other words, this is a campaign about political ideas and programs that happens to have a person named Bernie at its head, not a campaign that mistakes its candidate for a prophet or a wizard (or the second coming of Abraham Lincoln, who gave us the now-cliché phrase about better angels, but had no delusion that words could substitute for power).

Emphasis mine. The whole thing is a damn good read. This could – and should – be the way forward not just for the US Democrats but the entire leftwing movement, if we want to gain power without selling out our most fundamental principles.