Support the good fight

Let’s be honest. We tend to see blogging as just some words thrown out on a webpage – a side hobby, a distraction.

But this is labour. It’s a product of my time and expertise. And it has an impact.

To continue doing this – posting regularly and devoting the resources I need to keep it current and interesting – I need it to be more than a hobby.

In 2018 the old ways of making a living aren’t relevant.

Especially when you’re an opinionated sheila who rocks the boat. We need boat-rockers. And boat-rockers need you.

So here’s the proposition. If you enjoy my work, want to see it continue, fancy getting an inside look on what’s coming next: I’m asking you to support me with a monthly pledge through Patreon.

Patreon is a platform for creative people to get direct support from their fans. You can set how much you want to contribute – from $1 per month to $10+.

In return, you get early access to many of my posts (the ones that are planned ahead and have a bit more work put into them), the ability to vote in polls about the future of Boots Theory, and even a Christmas card at the end of the year.

Look at the alternatives.

Other NZ politics bloggers charge up to $15/month for subscriptions and put their content behind a paywall. For $35/month you can get all the rightwing propaganda you like at NBR (and occasionally me cackling at Nick Leggett). Cameron Slater even tries to charge $2,000 per annum for his “Platinum Annual” INCITE subscription (really, Cam?)

$10 per month to keep Boots Theory fresh and free for all to share sounds like a pretty good deal.

So head over to my Patreon page and sign up. You’ll need to set up a Patron account to access your rewards and manage your pledge. Currently Patreon uses PayPal to manage payments.

Afraid of commitment?

If a monthly contribution is a bit scary, there’s another option! Whenever you see a post you like on Boots Theory, you can make a one-off tip through Ko-Fi – another online platform helping people reward the creators whose work they enjoy.

However you do it – or even if you just keep sharing my posts and liking my tweets – thank you.