Untroll Thursday: UpUpDownDown

Inspired by Megan MacKay, Thursdays are #UnTrollTheInternet Day, when we uplift the positive stuff on the internet to remind ourselves that this amazing global platform we share doesn’t have to be a force for vileness.

I love professional wrestling. I love computer games. I love silly mashups which make you look at people in a whole new light.

So yeah. I’m into UpUpDownDown, the YouTube channel dedicated to the superstars and divas of the WWE taking each other on in pewpew games. Good clean fun brought to you by the wonders of the internet.

Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing as funny as absurdly overmuscled dudes fighting each other through even more absurdly overmuscled computer-generated avatars.


Earworm for the day: Skrillex

Not my usual musical genre of choice …

This song has been stuck in my head since I finally finished the main storyline of Far Cry 3 – it’s the backing music while you let loose on a drug lord’s weed fields with a flamethrower in one of the most enjoyable gaming set-pieces ever created.

The official music video is also damn good.

Earworm of the day

For a complete change of pace here’s a Friday tune which wasn’t the theme song for a game in the Fallout franchise.

But it was played a lot on the radio in Fallout 3. Galaxy News Radio: we’re Radio Free Wasteland, and we’re here for you.

There’s also a quirky Kiwi politics tie-in: this is presumably the song John Banks was referring to after he got his guilty verdict.

Earworm of the day

You just knew that Fallout 3, resurrected by Bethesda Softworks, was going to be a good one when they showed the sense to pick a song by The Ink Spots for the theme.